Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Oh My Gosh 555 Silver

Hey there=) So just wanted to do a quick post on this gosh nail polish in the colour 555 silver. I received this as a birthday gift from a good friend of mine,and boy did she pick a good one=)

First of all what I like so much about this polish is the colour. I would describe it as a metallic silver with shimmer,it has great shine and looks amazing when the light hits it.  

The consistency is quite thick so it does take a while to dry so just be careful as it can smudge quite easily. On the other hand the reason why I like the thick consistencey of this is that it only takes one coat of polish and its opaque, far better in my opinion than faffing around waiting for one coat to dry to put on another then going streaky grrr...

I really like this polish and can't wait to get experimenting with a black nail art pen on all different designs and ideas. I'm thinking black polka pots or zig zags? Let me know what you think=) Oh sorry about the different lighting effects was just trying to get a good swatch of the colour=)

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  1. Love this gold been looking everywhere for a gold like this :)