Monday, 15 April 2013

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Skincare routine

Now I have to admit I was never really into skincare that much,as I had relatively good skin and never really suffered from spots etc I just thought a quick swipe of a make up wipe would see me on my way,but after reading many a beauty blog I started to see the great range of products out there which cater to all skin types. The items in this post is my everyday products I am using on my skin at the minute(minus simple kind to skin cleansing wipes which I LOVE and need to be re-purchasing asap)

Here are the items,none of these are too expensive and can be got at most pharmacies/drugstores. Everybody's skin is different so these necessarily might  not work for you,I guess its just trial and error to see what works best.

Most nights I start off by using the simple kind to skin cleansing wipes to remove the bulk of my make up. These wipes are so moisturising and soft,I have tried many other types including Garnier,Johnston etc but all seem to break me out and tug on the skin.
Garnier soft essentials cleanser - After that I use the garnier soft essentials cleanser,I squeeze a small amount on to a  cotton pad just to make sure all make up is removed. This cleanser is nice and gentle on the skin.

Garnier soft essentials toner - I never really understood the purpose of a toner but after using it a few times I really noticed a difference. I find it is great for hydrating my skin,cools down my skin and gives my face a nice dewy look.

Simple kind to skin moisturiser - I usually use this moisturiser during the day and before I apply my make up. I definitely can't find fault in any product by Simple.

Nivea regenerating night cream - This has been more of a recent edition to my skincare routine. This cream has a thick consistency and sinks into the skin quite quickly. I can really feel the difference to my skin in the morning when using this the previous night.

Labello - I just whack this on my lips at night to moisturise them for the following day,not the most intense but does the job.

Soap and glory peaches and clean cleansing milk - I tend to use this product on alternative nights just to switch it up from using the garnier cleanser and toner too much. I apply this onto a cotton pad and spread the cleansing milk all over the skin. It melts into the skin great,and of course with all soap and glory products smells divine(peachy obviously;)). Once I feel it has worked its magic I use a warm face/muslin cloth to remove it and proceed to moisturise.

Overall  I'm pretty happy with the products I am using at the moment,but as always on the hunt for new products to try out..

Have you tried any of these products before? Which is your favourite?

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