Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Jimmy Choo Fragrance

Jimmy choo perfume

OK so its quite safe to say that this perfume will be the only thing by jimmy choo that I will probably own,not out of choice but I definitely won't be shelling out on the extraordinary prices for their shoes(no matter how amazing they look). Unless I win the lotto someday,a girl can dream. Saying that I am pretty pleased to have jumped on their perfume bandwagon as I am really enjoying this perfume at the moment.

Now before I start describing this,perfume scents isn't one of my points of expertise,but all try do my best.  I would describe this perfume as a more mature fruity/floral scent. It is described online as "a modern fruity chrypre with warm,rich,woody depths". I really like the smell of this perfume when first sprayed on the skin,the only downside,in my opinion is the staying power which isn't great and only lingers on the skin after a few hours of application. The packaging of this product is really classy and simple.Overall I am happy with my purchase but feel it won't be a holy grail perfume for me. It retails at around €42.00 for 40ml.
Have you tried this perfume,what are your thoughts?

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