Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Monthly Favourites | April

April beauty favourites

I never know what to write sometimes at the start of a new blog post,anyone else get that? Or weirdly could just be me. Anyway moving along,today is going to be my April favourites,basically products that I have been reaching for a lot this month. Its not a great amount but after my collective haul at the end of this month I have a feeling May's favourites is going to be on a larger scale.


MUA blusher shade two
If you seen my beauty haul from march you would have seen this little fellow. MUA blushers are £1. This is a gorgeous dusky pink shade, great pigmentation and really complements my skin tone. Its been my go too these last few weeks,great for spring/summer also. 

Collection lasting perfection pressed powder 002 medium
Yes as you can see I have hit pan with this product,I really love it and must get on the hunt for re-purchasing soon. This is definitely a contender for Rimmel's stay matte powder which I also have. Between the two of them I would say I have been reaching for this one more. Nice lightweight powder and doesn't look cakey on the skin.

Simple kind to skin cleansing wipes
I only have six words to say for this product - "buy them you won't regret it"

Revlon lip butter
I've had these lip butters since they first came out and I wasn't that fussed about them. They were very hyped up in the beauty world and maybe I had very high expectations. When rummaging through my lip products at the beginning of this month I've decided to give it another go,and now I really like it. My favourite thing is the moisture that this product gives your lips,way more than your average lipstick. This shade is strawberry shortcake.

Lady Gaga fame
I was given this as a gift at Christmas. Firstly I love the packaging so unique and eye catching. This is definitely more suited to evening wear. I wouldn't usually lean towards celebrity perfumes but found an absolute gem here.

Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain
I have the shades honey and darling. These are two pink shades honey being the subtle one and darling the more brighter.These apply really easily,moisturising,don't dry out like a lot of other products similar to this,and have been rummaging around the bottom of my handbag for most of the month.

What's been your go to products for the month of April?=)


  1. Love your blog :) I bought my mum a clinque chubby stick for Christmas and was super jealous at how nice it is but they are a little pricey so these revlon balms looks like a great alternative, definietly gonna give them a go!

    You have a new follower :)
    Lucy xxx

    1. Thanks=)yes definitely go try them,lots of really nice shades also=)

  2. I've been loving Revlon's Lip Butters and Just Bitten Kissable in April too :) x

    1. Hi,yeah there great,thinking of trying a few of the new shades in the lip butters,have you tried them,any suggestions=)

  3. I love this Lady Gaga Perfumes, so sweet and beautiful :) <3 x x