Sunday, 24 March 2013

Ciara Daly Brushes

Ciara Daly Make Up Brush

Three weeks ago now my friend and I travelled the 3 hour journey to Dublin to attend the RDS beauty trade show.This was my second year at the show,although I wasn't as impressed this year as I was the previous,I still made a few purchases that I have enjoyed using.
Prior to going there I had intended on buying a new foundation brush,as the ones I had just weren't cutting the mustard anymore.
I heard the real techniques brushes are great quality but I held off to see if I could find anything at the show.This is the brush I decided on....

The ultimate foundation brush.With a price tag of 25euro ,I was a bit sceptical at first,but I wasn't disappointed.This brush is ideal for applying liquid foundation.It gives great coverage over the skin and blends the foundation seamlessly.The only problem I seem to have had was it shedding hairs.Despite this I was very happy with it...What foundation brush is your favourite at the moment?
Hopefully the picture quality will improve soon when I get the hang off it...

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